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Hannah Stoker Live Event Wedding Painter

I’m Hannah, and I’ve been wielding a paintbrush since I was a toddler. Some of the first memories I have are of sneaking out of bed to paint in my mom's craft room. I’d pull out all of her paper, paints, and glitter, and by morning I’d have a masterpiece. It wasn't an unusual sight to see a trail of art supplies scattered throughout my house. During school, I’d always have a little sketchbook tucked under my desk (and away from prying eyes) so that I could doodle to my heart's content. 

The older I got, the more fascinated by people I became. I found myself people-watching every chance I got. This soon turned into painting them, and from then on my passion for capturing life on canvas has only grown stronger.


In high school, I decided to pursue a more practical career to avoid the dreaded "starving artist" label. But try as I might, I couldn't escape the lure of painting. It had me in a vice grip, and I knew that my calling was to bring my artistic vision to life.

Fast forward to today, I’m still up drawing in the middle of the night and sneaking my sketchbook with me everywhere I go. I’m also still an avid people-watcher- only now I've taken that obsession to the next level and paint them at weddings instead. But don't worry, I won't be hiding in the bushes on your big day. I'll be right there, capturing your special moments on canvas in real time.

Based in Utah County, I've had the pleasure of painting at some of the most stunning wedding venues in the area (and beyond). The painting process has always been so fascinating to me, but its biggest draw is the effect it has on other people. There is no better feeling in the world than seeing someone light up when you give them something that you have worked so hard on, especially when it's their special day. Painting weddings has given me so much joy, and I can’t help but keep chasing that feeling

So, if you're looking for a unique way to remember your wedding day forever, I'm here to make your dreams a reality. Let's create something beautiful together!


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