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Live Wedding Painting Wedding ceremony


Congratulations on your engagement!


Planning your wedding can feel incredibly overwhelming at times, so let's make planning your live painting simple and stress-free! I have a detailed description of the process below, but if you have any other questions please reach out and let me know!


First things first, click “contact” to reach out to me so that we can make sure your date is available.  (I will usually reply within 24-48 hours). Next, I’ll send you a contract, and once it's signed and a 25% deposit is paid your date will be booked! After we are officially booked we will plan a time to meet virtually to discuss your painting (this meeting will be about one month prior to the event). We will go over poses, color schemes, the scenery, and any other details you want in your painting.


I will arrive as early as the venue will allow me(usually about 2 hours prior to the ceremony) and begin painting. We’ll plan some time to take a reference photo of the two of you (If you choose a pose such as the ceremony or the first dance I’ll just snap a shot while its going on!). You can also send me a reference photo beforehand if you would like. I will continue to paint throughout the day and well into the evening. The painting will look complete at the end of the night and you’ll have the chance to see it and show it off to all of your guests!


Live Wedding painting materials supplies

I will take the painting back to my studio for more detail work. Depending on the package you select this will take between 5-25 hours. After it is complete I’ll send you a picture to make sure it's everything you’ve dreamed of. Once I have the green light, I’ll allow the painting to dry and varnish it. Once the varnish has set the painting will be ready to be delivered by hand (If within Utah County) or shipped. This whole process will take between 4-10 weeks. 

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